Come to The Table for Worship and Dinner

Every Wednesday night you are invited to come to The Table for peaceful Christian worship in the Chapel at 5:15 pm and a home-cooked dinner in the Main Dining Room of W11 at 6:30 pm.

We worship with beautiful songs, open conversation about the Scriptures, prayers and a simple sharing of communion around the altar. Then we enjoy dinner together and good company together. Whether you come every week or just drop by once in a while, there is a caring community for you at the Table.

You are truly welcome to come as you are:

undergrad, grad, or post-doc; 

sure of your faith or wondering what it is all about; 

gay, straight, bi, trans*, questioning.

Please join us for no-pressure worship and fellowship. 

We will be exploring different aspects of spirituality this year through the Path of Life, a joint program with the Lutheran and Episcopal chaplaincies at Northeastern and Boston College. Our theme in September will be discernment. How can prayer and community help you know when to act and what direction to take your life? Later in the year we'll explore the spiritual aspects of  nature, music, art, service, and retreat. Come walk your path with us!